Art Pieces

“Aurora Borealis”

A mystic spectacular display of colors that are impossible to describe but, if you have been fortunate to witness the Northern Lights, the colors will come back to you.  Reminiscent of sunrise, or the “Roman Goddess of Dawn”.  Customized Forged Iron and Limestone base stand is included.




A mixed media sculptured art piece that makes a statement in any room.  Abstract in style with stunning Jades, brown and clear mixtures that will capture your guest.  Customized wood base is included.




Multi-colors flow together like sailing into the wind.  This amazing art piece enhances any room with its bright colors and flowing freeform style.  This art piece is 19” and comes with a rod iron stand.  (Sold)



“Volcanic rush”

Do you want drama and a “WOW” when guest arrive? This art piece captures that feeling.  Stunning iridescent bronze black, 19” round, and includes a rod iron stand.  Its partner “Volcanic Rush II” will complete this theme.



“Volcanic rush II”

Asymmetrical stylish design iridescent bronze black and clear glass.  A vision of what a volcano might look like while erupting.  Absolutely stunning!  This art piece includes a rod iron stand.



“Broken Arrow”

A symbolic art piece brings back the early days of our country.  This art piece is a 20” shallow round bowl, blood red in color, grayish black broken arrow heads and contained in a ring of grey crystals.  This piece can be displayed as a vertical art piece on a customized Forged Iron stand or horizontal, by itself, on a customized wood stand.




Just looking at this magnificent art piece will tranquilize you as it captures a sunset in the Caribbean.  Vibrant orange and transparent aqua blue will beckon you.  The stand is a customized Forged Iron Rod that is 49” high and embedded in a solid black base.



“Mardi Gras”

Fun, fun, fun!   Picture yourself in New Orleans, on Bourbon Street, at Mardi Gras with a million pieces of confetti flowing through the air.  This irregular art piece is 28” long x 12” wide.  Customized wood base is included.



“Mardi Gras II”

We’re still on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, with confetti flowing through the air but night time has descended in the city.  Can you find the reveler’s face?  This sculptured art piece is 19” round and comes with a rod iron stand.



“Space Odyssey”

A view of the planet Mars, Jupiter, or the Moon?  An imagination of what your view could be of these surfaces complete with craters.  Art piece is 16” x 16” square and a customized wood base is included.



“Clowning Around”

Rio, here I come.  Let’s party and have some fun.  Mixed Media abstract free formed, 24” wide x 18” high.  Customized wood stand is included.  Wood stands vary in style and size.



“Gold Rush”

Extremely intricate piece of glass that will entice you to go gold digging in the gold mines and wishing you could melt the gold you found into streams of golden nuggets.  Gold ripples stream throughout this 20” round art piece and includes this magnificent Limestone and Hand Forged Iron stand.