Joy Wassell Bio


Joy Wassell, and family, moved to Florida in the mid-eighties. She, and her husband, now reside in the Central Florida area, where she designs, and produces, her unique fused liquid glass art.

A lifelong artistic explorer, Joy Wassell has found various outlets for expressing her creativity. Experimenting with diverse media and styles, Joy has found the perfect blend of color, form and light with her unique fused glass artwork, beginning with small glass pieces, Joy pushed the envelope with ever-larger creations, finally landing on large statement pieces as the perfect expression of her vision. As a gifted interior designer, Joy feels that the larger fused glass pieces allow her to offer clients an artistic focal point to tie their rooms together with the perfect art piece.

Joy works with her glass to crystallize a vision, narrowing down color, shape and design, for a finished piece that embodies a true artistic partnership. She sees herself as a conduit for her clients own artistic sensibilities and takes great pride in bringing their ideas to life.

As you browse the galleries, consider your own preferred colors, shapes and sizes. Think about your lifestyle and whether a functional or non-functional piece fits your needs. Choose an available piece or make plans for a custom creation. And, as always, feel free to contact Joy with your ideas and thoughts.